Magnifico (The Magnifier Company) has been established since 1999. Since that time we have probably seen, sold or read about more magnifiers than anyone else we know. We have grown over the years but still like to think small, in a way we hope that projects the personal touch whether you are choosing an individual magnifying glass for yourself or selecting a range of our magnifiers for a large organisation.

Popular magnifiers in the Magnifico range

This site is a tribute to one of our greatest friends, the late Joe Zalman, from UltraOptix in the USA. He helped us get started even though we were a tiny little company in England, while his stateside customers including Staples and Wal-mart. He gave us so many tips over the years and he stayed loyal to us until his sad passing a few years ago. His mantra was to “kill people with kindness”. It’s something we try to do and even when we’re gone ourselves, it will always be a sentiment to admire, and aspire to, in business and in any other walk of life.